Cecelia, Lizzy, Helena

Why choose the business name “Dandelion Wine Design?”

The answer lies deep in my roots. My great great grandmother’s sister, Cecelia, had a daughter who was my first, second and third grade teacher. Her name was Sister Rose Cecelia. Sister’s idea of recess was not a time to play, but rather an “opportunity” for her to combine the forces of her pupils to rid the grounds surrounding the convent from the vexatious dandelion weed. We were instructed to save our empty milk cartons from lunch and pack them full of the abundant golden flowers during our recess. The stuffed cartons were then thrown into the burn barrel for their ultimate extinction. Somehow my classmates and I all survived our tenure at the little Catholic grade school in western Kansas. Our work ethic was probably strengthened, though at the time we were convinced that a recess of work rather than play was surely repressive.

Cecelia’s sister Lizzy (my great great aunt), embraced a different view of the dandelion. She harvested the desirable flowers and transformed them into dandelion wine. Though little documentation exists from her endeavors, I can only assume that she looked forward to a healthy crop of dandelions every spring.

Are dandelions a nemesis or are they creative potential? It definitely depends on one’s perspective and I have chosen to adopt Great Great Aunt Lizzy’s point of view. Thus the motto for my business: “When life gives you dandelions, make dandelion wine. Turn your nemesis into something divine.”
I love a good challenge and I find great satisfaction in transforming adversity into positive opportunity. My objective with this business is to find creative solutions – to surpass the typical way of thinking by creating an end product that is truly unique and unforeseen. I strive to exceed the expectations of the client while meeting the specific needs of their company, organization or special event.